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President Tim Sands delivers his fifth State of the University Address (virtually) on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at the Moss Arts Center.


Virginia Tech President Tim Sands and University Distinguished Professor France Bélanger co-host a discussion about information privacy. 


University presidents Tim Sands and Kirk Schulz discuss the land-grant mission, research collaborations, and post-pandemic leadership.


Conversation with Linsey Marr, civil and environmental engineering professor and nationally recognized expert in the airborne transmission of viruses, about frequently asked COVID questions.


Conversation and President's Town Hall with Menah Pratt-Clarke, Guru Ghosh, Jessica Nguyen, Silas Cassinelli and Nina Ha.


President's Town Hall with Rachel Holloway, vice provost for undergraduate academic affairs, and Frank Shushok, vice president for student affairs.


President's Town Hall with Blacksburg Mayor Leslie Hager-Smith and New River Valley Health District Director Noelle Bissell.


Conversation with Menah Pratt-Clarke, vice president for diversity, inclusion, and strategic affairs.


Conversation with President Tim Sands, Menah Pratt-Clarke, vice president for diversity, inclusion, and strategic affairs, and Michele Deramo, assistant provost for diversity education.


University presidents Tim Sands and Kent Fuchs discuss challenges in higher education. 

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