President's Council

The President's Council consists of the executive team, the leadership team, and these university administrators.

Vice Presidents

Karen DePauw
Karen DePauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education
Michael Friedlander
Michael Friedlander, Vice President for Health Sciences and Technology, Executive Director of the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC
Guru Ghosh
Guru Ghosh, Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs
Steven McKnight
Steven McKnight, Vice President for the National Capital Region

University Deans

Rosemary Blieszner
Laura A. Belmonte, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Richard Blythe
Richard Blythe, Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Gregory Daniel
Gregory Daniel, Interim Dean of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Alan Grant
Alan Grant, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Paul Knox, Dean of the Honors College
Paul Knox, Dean of the Honors College
Lee Learman
Lee Learman, Dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Sally C. Morton
Sally Morton, Dean of the College of Science
Julia Ross
Julia Ross, Dean of the College of Engineering
Robert Sumichrast
Robert Sumichrast, Dean of the Pamplin College of Business
Tyler Walters
Tyler Walters, Dean of University Libraries
Paul Winistorfer
Paul Winistorfer, Dean of the College of Natural Resources and Environment

Research Institute Leadership

Dennis Dean
Dennis Dean, Fralin Life Sciences Institute
Tom Dingus
Tom Dingus, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Stefan Duma
Stefan Duma, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
Benjamin Knapp
Benjamin Knapp, Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
Karen Roberto
Karen Roberto, Institute of Society, Culture, and Environment

Faculty Senate Leadership

John Ferris
John Ferris, President of the Faculty Senate