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Top-100 Global University

Today’s society is increasingly internationally integrated and a global perspective is quickly becoming an imperative to success. Becoming a Top-100 Global University is an indicator of excellence and an essential part of becoming a destination for global talent and partners and generating the economic activity Virginia needs. Although global rankings do not capture the full picture of who we are as an institution, they do assess our competitiveness for talent in a global marketplace.

Most of our peer institutions appear in Top-100 lists. In fact, 18 of Virginia Tech’s 25 SCHEV peers are in the Top-100, as are the U.S. land-grant institutions that we view as aspirational peers. Virginia Tech is currently ranked between #250  and #350 in the most prominent rankings.  Although we have much work to do, we are making progress on the metrics that define the top global universities, including evidence of faculty scholarship, faculty awards, internationalization of faculty and students, global partnerships, and competitive grant funding. It is these metrics that align with attracting talent and enhancing the impact of a university on the communities they serve.